The Arts Center’s galleries are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC during #StayHomeMN. But our people are hard at work (and play), readying ourselves to be a most welcoming/encouraging/inspiring force just as soon as we can all be together again.

Our Operations Manager & Gallery Shop Coordinator, Stephanie, is also part of the leadership team at the St. Peter Food Co-Op. It’s some intense front-lines work and she’s doing it with intensely stylish quarantine style.

produce mgr

At home, Stephanie’s decompression regimen involves cooking, collaging, and shooting superfine art photos of her cat and yard. Also her Instagram game is unmatched. Catch it here, @aniethull.

Our Lead Docent, Teresa, kicked off #StayHomeMN caring for her 89-year-old mother who underwent breast cancer surgery March 20. Shirley’s doing fine, and Teresa’s been blogging quite beautifully about that and other aspects of being a daughter/mother/grandmother/art-lover during this thought-provoking time. She’s also been buying local art, and wearing it sooo well.

Our Clay & Fiber Studio Manager, Juana, is also a key team member at River Valley Birth Center, and a ceramics instructor at Bethany Lutheran College. Which raises questions, like, how do you round up enough masks for safe and sanitary births during a pandemic, when you manage a fiber studio yet can’t set foot inside it? How exaaaactly do you teach ceramics online? Juana’s been busy. Fortunately, our Fiber Studio Tech Caitlin and her volunteer force have been whipping up masks in bulk…

…and delivering to both the Birth Center and the Co-Op. And our clay studio remains open for one-at-a-time use by studio renters, who’ve been doing a beautiful job of keeping the space alive and quietly, sanitarily humming. Also, occasionally, Juana goes live with the soothing sights and sounds of a loom. Here is where to find that occasional delight.

Our head writing instructor, Ronda, is currently the frontrunner for “most surreal quarantine of all” because it coincides with the one-year anniversary of the loss of her husband, Jim. We’ve been deeply fortunate to be a part of Ronda’s healing process this past year. Here’s Ronda on the anniversary of Jim’s death, reading from her soon-to-be-published chapbook, one of her poems, and one of Jim’s.

As for me, I’m dedicating my weekly shows on KMSU 89.7FM to the creatives out there just trying to stay grounded right now. No you DON’T have to make great art just because you have the time. Yes you SHOULD please tune in (Thursdays 1-2 p.m., streaming and archived for two weeks at to hear me say that out loud. I’m still learning the engineering piece, and wow do I miss my interview guests — but I’m doing my best, which is all we all can do at the moment! Stay safe, stay connected, stay in touch. Your Arts Center can’t wait to see you again.

General call for Artists, Call for Performers and Gallery Shop Consignment Submission forms are available here. Artists, we look forward to reviewing your work!


The Arts Center is proudly wheelchair-accessible and other-abilities-friendly. Questions, requests? Contact the Executive Director at, 507-931-3630.