Charlie Putnam & Le Ann Gehring-Ryan


“The Next Step”

Charlie Putnam and Le Ann Gehring-Ryan Exhibition


May 17 – June 16th, 2013

The Next Step” is the show of recent works by local artists Charlie Putnam and Le Ann Gehring-Ryan. The show opens May 17 and runs through June 16. Both of these artists use acrylic paint to show viewers their rich imaginations, colorful worldview, and to explain their next step in the journey. Viewers find the work fascinating and often deeply moving.


Ms. Gehring-Ryan states, “I am a painter who gathers inspiration from life situations.  I enjoy putting a thoughtful, sometimes humorous spin on my personal view of the world. Much of the work in this show centers around old photographs of my family and myself.  When I am not busy being a Visual Art Educator at Mankato West High School I can usually be found making my own art.”


Mr. Putnam states, “My works in this exhibit were completed between 2011 and 2013. They are all based on some level of personal experience, visualized in abstracted whimsical scenarios. Some of them are tributes to artists who’s work I admire.  Some of them are the result of revisiting and repurposing ideas I’ve used in the past.  Others just develop through manipulation of materials and images.  The work often times starts out as blind exploration and becomes an idea at so me point along the way.” He goes on to say, “I would like to thank the Art Center of St. Peter for providing an opportunity to hang our work and step back and look at where the past two years of making art have taken us.   I would also like to thank Le Ann for her loving support and being here to exhibit her work and share this opportunity with me.”