Come throw with us!

The Clay Studio, housed in the Arts Center of Saint Peter, offers playful, messy, meditative and rewarding clay experiences for potters and ceramic enthusiasts of just about all ages and abilities. Opportunities include:

  • Studio rental, including extended private work-time and all-hours access to the studio and kiln space.
  • Classes for students of all ages.
  • Clay parties for children and adults.
  • Organizational retreats including facilitation and conversation about the creative process with Clay Center Manager Juana Arias.

For further information contact Clay Studio Manager Juana Arias at, 507-931-3630.

clay center retreat

Juana Arias and the MSU College of Business operations staff

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For renters & teachers: Cleanup procedures & costs

Clay Studio renters and teachers are responsible for Clay Studio cleanup. Every renter and teacher is expected to leave the Clay Studio clean and ready for the next user, after every use. Following are standard procedures:

  • Scrape & wash wedging tables
  • Clean sink in glaze area
  • Sweep floors using sweeping compound
  • Scrape up any solid clay pieces from the floor
  • Check to see the wheels are turned off
  • Rinse mop, clean out mop bucket (including clay sludge on the bottom!) and add liquid soap & water
  • Mop floors, including moving & mopping under glaze buckets & glaze table
  • Mop again, if needed
  • Clean tables & counters in glaze area
  • Put away tools & utensils

Designated Clay Studio renters clean twice weekly, in exchange for monthly rent. Those renters complete these tasks as needed:

  • Clean under kick wheel
  • Wipe cabinet fronts
  • Check and wash windows at entry
  • Wipe door handles
  • Clean sinks
  • Put away bats
  • Check and clean the area around the recycling bucket and pugmill

And here’s a rundown of prices for clay, tools and additional firings (all prices include tax):

  • Clay (Brown Stone or Navajo White) – $13
  • Tool set $11
  • Bisque or glaze firing (one shelf) $15, (whole kiln load) $30
  • NOTE: If you’re participating in a glaze firing, our clay studio manager needs to know specifically the clay body and glazes you are using. If you’d like to use the Arts Center’s glazes, please inquire with the studio manager at, or 507-931-3630.


For renters: Pay online

Just for you, Clay Center renters! A 24/7 payment option to match your 24/7 access to the Clay Studio. Questions or problems? Call Ann, 507-351-6521.

Choose your rent & clay amounts