I hope We Go Together

Photographs by Carrie Elizabeth Thompson

Making her first appearance in southern Minnesota, Carrie Elizabeth Thompson will be filling the galleries with her recent series of photographs titled ‘I Hope We Go Together’.  From Los Angeles to Minnesota, Thompson’s work has been featured in exhibitions across the country.  A recent recipient of the McKnight Artist Fellowship Award in 2009 and Minnesota State Arts Initiative Grant for Photography in 2010, Thompson’s work is garnering national attention.

Carrie Thompson’s work has explored her relationship with her family, roots, rootlessness, and restlessness.  Her most recent photos document a trip to Japan that preceded the birth of her first child, Goma, and what began as a search for a subject became instead a series of ongoing interrogations.  Thompson’s photographs capture a stillness that entrances onlookers and challenges the perception of everyday people and places.  Her large-scale color images embody the American experience and find beauty in commonplace encounters.  The nostalgic appearance of Thompson’s work makes each image seemingly relevant.  Being able to relate to each image makes this series a meaningful undertaking.


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